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 Here you will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Midwest Wintermoot. If you do not find the information you need here, please contact us at


When is Midwest Wintermoot?

Midwest Wintermoot 2022 is Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6. The Group Campsite at the rear of the park opens to all attendees Friday at 3 p.m. and must be cleared by Sunday at 2 p.m.


Where is Midwest Wintermoot?


Midwest Wintermoot will be hosted at the Group Campsite located at Osage Hills State Park in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The park gates are open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Re-entry into the park is not possible between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. 

The address and phone numbers are:

2131 Osage Hills State Park Rd
Pawhuska, Oklahoma   74056
Phone: 918-336-4141

Toll-Free: 800-654-8240


How much does it cost to attend?


The event costs $60 per-person. This rate includes all activities, cabin accommodations, and our meal plan. Persons 12 years of age or younger are free!


Is Bifrost Way hosting this event as part of a national organization?


Put simply, no. Bifrost Way is hosting this event independently. We are intentionally not affiliated with any national organizations to ensure the integrity of our works rest only with ourselves and fully align with our worldview. All persons with a vetted tie to our local communities are welcome to attend no matter their affiliations with any inclusive national orgs. Our goal is to further regional growth, not to foster divisiveness. That said, we are VERY firm in our discrimination policies. Persons of all cognitive/physical abilities, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religious or non-religious alignments are welcome and will be respected and provided a safe environment. We are zero tolerance on bigotry or violence.


What boarding accommodations are provided?


The group campsite at Osage Hills provides 10 cabins that can accommodate up to 12 people each. Each cabin is equipped with six bunks holding two twin size beds, a heating/air conditioning unit, an overhead light, limited electrical outlets, several sealed windows, a bench and a recessed area to hang clothes.


What about medical/health accommodations?


Osage Hills complies with all ADA standards in providing access to cabins and other facilities in the group campsite but it should be noted that pathways from the bottom cabin section to the upper Main Hall level are steep. Persons with mobility limitations may need assistance or a ride between areas. Please inform us of any required accommodations during registration and we will ensure your needs are met.


There are 3 cabins located on a paved walkway which connects to a lower parking area and are closest to the lower bathrooms/shower hall. These cabin spaces are limited. Please do not request placement in a walkway cabin simply for convenience.


What about bathrooms?


Bathrooms are attached to the Main Hall and in a stand-alone building down by the cabins. Bathrooms up at the hall are equipped with showers, toilets, and multiple sinks. They are not wheelchair/walker accessible for toilet use.


A new bathroom facility in the cabin area provides toilets on one side of the building and private shower closets on the other side of the building. This building is accessible for all uses.

What meals are provided?


Dinner will be provided on Friday. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and brunch plus all leftovers on Sunday. These are full meals with a vegetarian option. The vegetarian option is ovo-lacto (includes eggs and dairy). We do not provide a vegan option unless specifically requested.  If you have a food or materials allergy, please provide this information on your registration form. We take allergies seriously and need to prepare to properly accommodate any needs and feed all attendees safely.


Can I opt-out of the meals and pay a lower rate?


No, we have rolled the cost of food into the cost of attending. We have done our very best to provide an event that is both economical and easy to attend. Let us worry about the food!


Can I still bring my own food?


Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own food or additional food to meet personal needs. However, the kitchen is not available to store these items. There is a large ice machine that you may use as often as needed to stock personal coolers.


Can I store food in the kitchen?


No, only items for the event and medications requiring refrigeration will be allowed in the kitchen walk-in and refrigerator. We limit kitchen access to ensure food prep standards are maintained, there is room for correct storage and preparation of all meals, and to provide the space needed by volunteers for cooking and cleaning.


Are Tent Camping and RV hook-ups available?


Yes, Osage Hills provides both options at a separate rate outside the group campsite. Please be aware the cost to attend remains the same even if you should utilize one of these options.

Are there any discounted/free rate options?

Yes, we hold up to 4 volunteer barter spots for our event. These are filled based on need and in order of request. With this option an attendee may commit to extended volunteer hours instead of paying for the event. To request a slot, please contact us directly at


We ask that those who are granted a barter spot please let us know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend so we can offer the spot to another person. Volunteer activities will be set according to ability and will never require more than three hours a day. We want your help, not all your retreat time!

How do general attendees help? 

We ask all attendees who are able to sign up to assist in maintaining and running the event when checking in at the registration table. By volunteering for one of multiple duties including meal prep, dish duty, area clean-up, and garbage disposal, we keep things tidy and make the event experience easier and more enjoyable for all.

What do I need to bring?


We recommend the following:

  • Portable drinking vessel

  • Bedding (blankets, sheets, pillows, etc. –twin size)

  • Flashlights and/or lanterns

  • Camping chairs

  • A medium-weight  jacket

  • Gloves

  • Towels

  • Basic Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)

  • Flip Flops or water shoes for the shower

  • Sturdy shoes/boots (The terrain varies from rocky to grassy to red clay. It is extremely muddy/slippery in the event of rain)

  • Extra socks

  • Spending money! There will be a $5 entry for our Viking Box Game, vendors, and an auction featuring many one-of-a-kind items you won't want to miss out on. We have the ability to process payments for the game and auction items for most credit and debit cards using PayPal. We will also accept checks for auction items. Some vendors may only accept cash or checks, so plan accordingly. 

What is the weather like in Oklahoma that time of year?


Oklahoma is notoriously unpredictable in this regard. Weather is fairly mild overall, with temperatures averaging in the mid-upper 70’s in the day and low 50’s to high 40’s overnight. The week before the event we will post the available weather forecast on our Facebook event page so you can be as prepared as possible.


Is this a Heathen/Asatru/Norse Pagan only event or can anyone attend?

This event is hosted to celebrate the cultures, rites, gods, and spirits of pre-Christian Pan-Germanic/Northern European/Nordic customs that form modern Heathenry.  All persons of any religious or secular path are welcome to attend as long as they are respectful hosts and fellow attendees. As our guests, we simply expect that you will respect the purpose and the spirit of this event. You are free to give homage to any deities or customs you see fit in the open spaces throughout the park, but our group ritual activities will be centered around Bifrost Way's Heathen practices. If you are uncertain about something, just ask! We are here to welcome, not gatekeep or shun.


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