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FRIDAY, Nov. 4th


3 pm Event opens

IMPORTANT: We cannot take possession of the group camp site until 2 pm Friday. Please do not arrive early unless we have made direct plans for you to do so.

5 pm Land blessing/Gifting the land spirits

6 pm Dinner
Taco Bar (Omni, Vegetarian, GF Options) Shredded chicken, vegetarian seasoned black beans, corn tortillas, and corn tortilla chips. Toppings/Sides: Shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped raw onion, black olives, shredded lettuce, and salsa. Water and iced tea. Canned soda for sale.

8 pm Bardic Circle/The Runes: A Journey through Consciousness

The fire pit behind the main hall will be open for singing, dancing, and music making. This is an informal time to gather, relax, and create together. Please bring things you enjoy - drums, other instruments, fiber tools/sets, art supplies, games, etc.

Inside the main hall, Destiny will also be hosting an informal discussion on utilizing the Elder Futhark in viewing the auspice of the Runes through the philosophies of Jungian Psychology. Specifically how to apply integrative thought and practice using the Runes as a focal point.

SATURDAY, Nov. 5th


7 am Main Hall opens

8 am Breakfast

Breakfast casseroles (Omni, Vegetarian, GF Options), instant oatmeal and grits, coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and orange juice.

9:30 am – 10:30 am  World Tree Guided Visualization and Energy Reset (Destiny Lalande)

Weather permitting, we will lead a guided visualization utilizing the symbolism and mythos of the World Tree (Yggdrasil) outside in the field to the right of the Main Hall. The purpose will be to ground ourselves and open to learning and helpful experience through the remainder of the event.

11 am Toward Inclusive Runes: Removing Racist Influences from Modern Practice (Lauren Crow)

The runes may be ancient symbols, but modern runic practices are often deeply rooted in beliefs from groups like the List Society or the Rune Guild or taken from closed practices such as the Qabalah. In this workshop, Lauren will talk about the history of modern runic practices, how to decode where a method comes from, and her own method of using the runes based on the rune poems.

12 pm Lunch
Chili (Omni, Vegetarian) and Potato Soup (Omni, Vegetarian, GF). Toppings/Sides: Shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped raw onion, bacon bits, saltine crackers and corn chips. Water and iced tea. Canned soda for sale. Water and iced tea. Canned soda for sale.

1:30 pm Galdr/Throat-singing Workshop

Throat-singing can be a difficult technique to master for many people. This interactive workshop will explore tips and tricks to activate the vocal cords for traditional galdr, as well as how to incorporate the practice into modern magick and ritual.

3 pm Jomswikinger (The Viking box game)

Attendees that wish to participate will compete one-on-one in rounds of this hilarious game of dexterity and luck. Blindfolded, contestants call to each other in turn while circling and keeping a hand on the chest. When the call is answered, your opponent will attempt to swat you with their fish (don’t worry, it’s just a fish pillow). Players are eliminated either by being tagged three times by their opponent or losing contact with the box. $5 entry (cash or credit). First place wins free admission to next year’s event. Second place a bottle of mead. The specially designed wood box will then be auctioned on Sunday. Design motif this year is honor of Her Lady, Freyja.


4:30 pm Life in Ritual: Using votive works toward generational healing and wholeness (Destiny)

Destiny shares a discussion on using ritual regularly in aligning with our purpose, healing generational wounds, and feeling whole in ourselves using the tool we already have.

6 pm Dinner
Sliced Ham, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, milk and brown gravy, corn, and mixed green salad. Cheesecake and Brownies (GF/Nut Free). Water and iced tea. Canned soda for sale. (Omni, Vegetarian, GF Options)

8 pm The function of Sumbel - How and why we do it

Destiny will share an overview about the ritual of Sumbel, how we as your hosts facilitate this ritual, and what to expect. We will then open things up briefly for questions before beginning the rite.

8:30 pm Sumbel

Bifrost Way will lead this ritualized event of toasting and community building. In keeping with current safety precautions, we ask that you bring a personal drinking vessel or use and return a cup from the kitchen. We will have a bowl to collect portions of your drink during our three rounds. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

9:30 pm Blot/Gifting

Bifrost Way will lead this gifting rite in offering to Freyja on behalf of the community. A portion of the Sumbel drink, a specially crafted gift, and tokens from the community will be offered at the fire pit following a blessing on attendees. If you would like to include a small token in our offering, please ensure the item no larger than your palm size, is safely burnable, or biodegradable. Items not fully consumed by the fire will be bogged on our private property.

SUNDAY, Nov. 6th

7 am Main Hall Opens

9 am Breakfast/Brunch

Breakfast casseroles (Omni, Vegetarian, GF Options), instant oatmeal and grits, assorted pastries (GF options), all remaining leftovers. Coffee, hot tea, and orange juice. Canned soda for sale.

10 am Auction

Our live auction fundraiser featuring the box crafted by our own David Ballard, items donated by vendors, and lots of other goodies. Funds go directly back into Wintermoot with the bulk providing our deposit to reserve the group site for next year. This year we will also be donating a quarter of all raised proceeds to Donation Station, a Tulsa food pantry offering direct resources to food insecure people without needed pre-qualifications or government subsidy. Help us support this important grassroots work!

12 pm Closing Ritual

12:30 – 2 pm Final cleanup and exit

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