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Bifrost Way Kindred was established in 2003 evolving from a study group of like-minded pagans in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  We have since become a registered educational and events organization under the name of Bifrost Way Kindred Society. Our foundations are rooted in the modern practice of  pre-Christian spiritual understandings commonly referred to as Heathenry. 

Currently, our membership consists of five oathed adults and our immediate families. Destiny Ballard serves as the lead facilitator and Godwoman. We function in consensus and simply identify as Heathen. 
We are seekers, committed to an earth centered and inclusive lifeway forwarding the honoring, knowledge, and relationships with the Gods known as the Æsir and the Vanir as well as benevolent kinship and worship of nature, all human ancestors, and beings such as the Alfar, Dvergar, Wights, Disir,  and Norns.


It is our firm position that Heathenry is open to persons of every gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and cognitive/physical ability who wishes to seek this path. We also recognize the importance and value of cultural traditions, including the balancing of ancient understandings through modern spaces and context.


We reject bigotry and destructive behaviors and will not tolerate intentional harm to others or the land in our presence. Our works are grounded in the principals of spiritual interdependence with the earth and all people. As such, many of our works are aimed at social justice and environmentalism. 

Participation in our study groups and public rites does not require membership or dedication to heathen deities or the wide scope of heathen beliefs. We acknowledge, respect, and deeply appreciate the beliefs and practices of others and simply require the same when participating in our study groups, rites, and events.


Happy is he who hath in himself praise and wisdom in life

~Hávamál - The Words of Odin the High One, found within the 13th century Codex Regius

We are an oathed group committed to caring for our respective communities, the environment, and providing resources to further worship and kinship with the Gods, benevolent entities, and the earth to be a living and beneficial part of Heathenry.


Currently, we host one annual event, Midwest Wintermoot, the first weekend in November. We are also working to establish a library of resources both digital and hard copy with the goal of reviving our open study groups and providing a free resource for research and learning even in distanced situations.

Our direct community involvement includes:


  • In-reach ministerial services for those in mental health, incarceration, and addiction facilities

  • Local and regional food bank supports

  • Volunteering and membership within local and regional environmental justice organizations

  • Inclusivity and equity direct resources and outreach via organizations such as Heathens Against Hate 

  • Facilitating access to research and religious information pertaining to Heathenry

Membership within Bifrost Way does not exclude a person from membership or affiliation with other groups, so long as such does not stand in opposition to the oaths and bylaws of our organization

Midwest Wintermoot

Midwest Wintermoot is an annual retreat hosted by Bifrost Way at the beautiful Osage Hills State Park located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. We provide this gathering as another opportunity to meet, learn, and celebrate with our regional community.

Wintermoot is hosted on the first or second weekend of November each year at the group camp site inside Osage Hills State Park. During the event we host discussion groups, workshops, rituals, and simply enjoy the land and shared company. The cost of attendance includes all meals and shared cabin accommodations. Persons 12 and under are free.

It is our honor to provide this time and space to others as part of our commitment to community building and strengthening. While attendance at this event is by invitation only, we have in place a vetting system in welcoming new attendees associated with previous guests. 


The forum is a relaxed and welcoming one and centers on sharing what strengthens our friendships, families, groups and environments. Join us and add to the well of good words and deeds!

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